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I’m Marco de Groot, a photographer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. My passion lies in photographing contemporary architecture using symmetrical compositions and a minimal style. I’m also passionate about traveling. When I do, I always look for interesting angles and try to capture what most people just walk past without noticing. Scroll down to see some of my favorite shots and get a feel for themes I like to explore in my work.

Highlighted work

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Architectuur masterclass of workshop volgen?

Ben jij dol op architectuurfotografie en zoek jij naar een verdiepende masterclass die jou weer op een andere manier om je heen laat kijken? In deze masterclass architectuurfotografie ga ik jou begeleiden in de wereld van minimalisme. Ik laat je zien dat minimalistische architectuurfoto's op veel meer plaatsen te maken zijn dan je in eerste instantie denkt. Aan veel van deze mooie fotolocaties loop je nu voorbij, maar dat gaat met deze masterclass veranderen! Deze masterclass bied ik aan in samen werking met de Rooij fotografie, kijk voor meer informatie op Masterclass Architectuurfotografie (minimalisme). View work

Available as print!

In an exclusive partnership with Wallmore and part of the &C art collection I am selling these photos in a limited edition.
You can have a print from €??!
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I've selected 8 favorite urban twisters that can now be yours!
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Geometrical Artwork

When walking around cities I notice patterns, and I love to frame the image so those pattern gets highlighted and you see what I saw. View work

Always looking up

Inside or outside I am always looking up. Most people just walk by or look at their phone, but not me. I even go into alleys to see what the view is from there. Try it and you'll be amazed what is hiding in plain sight... View work

Mobile photography

The cameras in mobile phones have come a long way. With the right light and distance to the subject it's as good as a SLR camera. View work

Interviewed by The Dezine Magazine for their Februari-March 2020 issue

For The Dezine Magazine I was interviewed about how I use storytelling in my architectural photography.

Marco de Groot is an architectural photographer with worldwide coverage, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, his passion lies in traveling & photographing contemporary architecture using symmetrical compositions and a minimal style. He loves to find beautiful buildings in places he visits & highlighting where most people just walk by. Marco especially has an eye for geometrical shapes, patterns, vivid colors & loves to find a beautiful spiral staircase once in a while! He mainly shoots with a Canon 6D mark 2 & his Samsung S10 with Moment lenses.
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New contemporary architecture in 2020

2020 brings many new contemporary architecture buildings to The Netherlands, here are the ones I am looking forward to see completed.

  1. 1. Fontys R10 in Eindhoven by Ector Hoogstad Architects (News about Fontys R10)
  2. 2. Hourglass in Amsterdam by Dam&Partners (project info)
  3. 3. NHOW Amsterdam RAI by OMA (project info)
  4. 4. New Amsterdam Courthouse by Kaan architects (project info)
  5. 5. The terraced tower by OZ architects project info)
  6. And as a bonus another design by OZ architects Building A of OurDomainproject info)
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Fototentoonstelling Am I an Ornament?

Met prachtige beelden van architectuurfotograaf Marco de Groot ontdek je in deze zomertentoonstelling hoe ontwerpers hedendaagse ornamenten in Amsterdam gebruiken om verhalen te vertellen, culturen te verbeelden, technische functies te vervullen en gebouwen te verduurzamen.
In alle gevallen laat het ornament een gebouw spreken en zoekt het een verbinding met de toeschouwer, als volwaardig onderdeel van de architectuur.
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Drone photo of the Camp Adventure tower was shortlisted for the 'Sense of place' category

Marco de Groot @marcorama from the Netherlands with this photograph of an aerial view of the Camp Adventure Observation Tower, Gisselfeld Klosters Forest, Denmark by EFFEKT architects, has been shortlisted in the Sense of Place category of The Architectural Photography Awards 2019. View work

Photo exhibition: ar(t)chitecture

From Saturday the 10th of March until Monday the 9th of April you can see my favorite photos in real life! Printed on professional metal HD the colors really come to life. You can find them in the MediaCafé inside VondelCS in Amsterdam. More information on the site of VondelCS: Marcorama – Ar[t]chitecture and Iamsteram Marcorama – Ar[t]chitecture View work
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